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You're the chemical that burns

About Me 

Hello, I’m Sophie.

This is a personal sideblog. Its a place for me to go to think, post whatever I want and do whatever I want without feeling pressured by anyone or anything based on what I post.

I enjoy liking things, or should I say love loving things. I love a lot of things. Like, a LOT of things… 

I talk a lot. I friggen love US comedies such as Parks and Recreation and New Girl, and I also LOVE Youtube and Youtubers. :D

I suck at sleeping and drink too much coffee and spend absurd amounts of my time on the place that not only bettered my life, but also ruined it, that being the Internet.

I’m also an Illustration student and a waitress and talk like an idiot and start to love things that I began hating to begin with. It’s a bad habit. I’m workin’ on it…

Welcome to my head.